Why do some sound systems make screeching sounds?
Most people call the screeching sound "feedback". It's what happens when the sound from your speakers leaks back into your microphones and creates an endless loop effect. The simplest trick to eliminating feedback is to turn down your speakers. If that doesnt' work there are additional tricks of the trade you can employ if your sound system has the capability. If you need help, talk to me and I'll get you fixed up :)
The sound isn't clear when the pastor speaks.  What can we do to improve the quality?
There are a plethora of reason why sound isnt' clear so we have to start at the beginning to discover the cause. The very first thing you should check is your microphone quality. Make sure you're using high quality solid microphones. Generally speaking, sub-$100 mics deliver less than stellar performance. If your mics fall in that category, you can start by upgrading a couple mics to see if the quality improves. When you need recommendations and help, give me a call. I'll give you my two cents and even help you solve the problems one by one.
Somebody keeps changing the settings on our mixer.  Is there a way we can make it consistently the same settings every week?
Yes! There are several methods some more strict than others. You could just lock your system inside a rack. But that's not always feasible, right? Instead, perhaps you can upgrade to a digital system so every setting can be saved and recalled on demand. Then you can instantly restore your favorite settings and even save previous event settings so you can use them again for a similar event. Talk to me and I'll help you build a system that solves your problems.
There can be several causes of the popping sound. The most common is because the wireless microphone system is very old VHF gear. The newer UHF systems are much more adept at rejecting spurious noise. Maybe it's time for an upgrade? Talk to me :)
To gain or not to gain, that is the question
One of the most misunderstood knobs on a mixer is that big knob right at the top of the channel. It's the gain knob. That little knob can make or break your mix. Get it right, you can have great sound, get it wrong, you sound will suffer badly. Need help setting it right? Give me a call and I'll help you out.
What's the big delay all about?
The further you get from a speaker the longer it takes the sound to get to your ears. So, you add a second speaker closer and guess what? You hear the sound twice. It's sooo annoying! How do you fix this? You delay the sound to the second speaker so it comes out at the exact same time as the sound from the first speaker arrives. Problem solved. If you aren't sure how to do this, talk to me. I"ll help you.
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